In the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” we are blessed to have an abundance of clean water. Our lakes, rivers and streams determined much of the settlement, commerce and recreation in our great state, and they still do today.

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Democrat Health Exchange-Wrong Competition

The Democrats rolled out their health care exchange.  Making the same mistake as the federal Democrats a few years ago, they rammed through legislation with no involvement from the other side of the aisle.  Not a single Republican voted for this bill. While the bill authors claim the legislation will increase competition, it mearly puts Read the rest of this entry »

Democrat Exchange Bill Does Not Trust MN Doctors

The Democrat Exchange, rammed through the House before passing a budget, without a single Republican vote, is run by a board of seven unelected people.
That’s a bad idea. I tried to put elected representation on the board, but that measure was rejected.
What’s worse is that Minnesota doctors are excluded from this board. Lawyers, politicians and union representatives can be appointed, but not MN doctors. The very people we will depend on to make life and death decisions with our care are not trusted by the people who created the Democrat Exchange.

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Health Exchange HF5 Four Facts & Where Matt’s @

House Floor Action
Today we will be taking up the Health Exchange bill on the floor. HF5 Atkins
I will be offering an amendment to make the case that Minnesota should lead and not follow health reform. Most of all we should not
be forced to hold up both state and federal ends of a bad deal. Check out our amendments to HF 5 Here:

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