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It has been a great honor to represent our community in the Minnesota House since 2005. Now more than ever, I am eager to work for common sense solutions & that’s why I am asking for your support.

My wife Laura & I are proud to be raising our three kids as 6th generation Minnesotans. To make our state an even better place to live, work and raise a family, we need to build on our success.

To give us the best schools, hospitals and workplaces, we need to restore a thriving private economy. Government has a supporting role in this, but not the lead role. Minnesota is in a fierce competition with other states and countries for the best jobs. If we don’t keep a lid on taxes, spending and overregulation, we will lose the battle for jobs to states that do. It’s really that simple.

In government, sometimes it’s really hard to find practical solutions to challenges. Other times, nearly everyone knows what the solutions are, they just can’t solve the problem because of partisanship or (more often) because the solutions are simple but involve work and change. I have focused on real solutions for healthcare and economic development in Minnesota. Locally, I have been pushing hard to find the real causes and solutions to the low lake level in White Bear.

I look forward to hearing from you to help move Minnesota forward.

All the best,